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All About BOND Awards

The BOND Awards, an acronym for Best of Nigerians in Diaspora, unveils its inaugural celebration as a distinguished and transformative annual event set against the backdrop of Canada's diverse provinces and territories. This groundbreaking awards ceremony, aptly titled the BOND (Canada) Awards, is poised to honor and spotlight the remarkable accomplishments of Nigerians in various fields, marking a pivotal moment in recognizing excellence within the diaspora community.

Event Overview

The primary objective of the BOND (Canada) Awards is to create a resounding platform that pays homage to the exceptional achievements of Nigerians across Canada. This inclusive event transcends geographic boundaries, encompassing business, academia, arts, science, technology, and community service, as it celebrates the myriad talents within the diaspora. Not just a recognition ceremony, the BOND Awards serves a dual purpose by fostering unity among Nigerians in Canada, nurturing a sense of community and collaboration.

About The Awards
Award Objectives


The BOND Awards is designed with three core objectives in mind

Inspiration and Motivation

By showcasing the achievements of successful individuals in the diaspora, the awards aim to inspire and motivate the next generation of Nigerians towards the pursuit of excellence

Celebration of Excellence

The awards seek to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding accomplishments within the Nigerian communities across all provinces of Canada, providing a platform for individuals to be recognized for their significant contributions.

Global Recognition

The BOND (Canada) Awards aims to extend a global platform for acknowledging the achievements of Nigerians, instilling pride and fostering unity within the diaspora. This international recognition aligns with the event's commitment to showcasing the diversity and talent within the Nigerian community.

Nomination and Selection Process

The BOND Award (Canada) distinguishes itself through a transparent nomination and selection process. The selection process embodies principles of inclusivity, transparency, and diversity.

Open Nominations

Nominees are selected through a democratic process, where individuals with the highest number of nominations in each category receive awards. Nominations are accepted via social media platforms and the official website, ensuring accessibility and participation from a global audience. The open nomination process runs from March 1st to June 30th of each award year, encouraging individuals from around the world to participate. This inclusive approach guarantees that nominees and awardees are not only recognized but celebrated by a diverse and international community.

Special Recognition

In addition to nominated individuals, the awards also bestow special recognition upon those distinguished for their exceptional contributions, regardless of nomination status or cultural background. This inclusive category extends recognition to individuals who may not be of Nigerian or African descent, fostering a spirit of appreciation and collaboration across communities.

In essence, the BOND Awards represent more than just an event; they embody a collective celebration of excellence, unity, and global recognition within the vibrant tapestry of the Nigerian diaspora in Canada and around the world.

Nomination Proccess
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